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3 Steps to Get your Child's Attention

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Parenting is a tough job, and it can be hard sometimes to get a child to listen. But you can achieve your goals if you're specific in your message, calm when delivering it, and make sure to give the message at the right time.

Here are three simple steps to get your child's attention:

Be Clear and Concise - The content of our message should be clear and concise; not too long or complicated. We don't want to lose their interest! Instead of telling them too many things at a time, focus on just one or two.

Be Positive and Calm - Almost always use positive words when talking to our children. Phrase your request positively. For example, say "Please clean up now", instead of "Why are you always so lazy and not helping to clean up". It's important that we show empathy for their feelings. We want them to feel positive, and that they are capable of following a rule, or doing as asked.

Be Timely - Timing is crucial! If you try giving a message while they're busy doing something else or watching TV, they might not pay attention or understand what you're saying because they aren't really listening. Instead, get their full attention first by calling their name and establish eye contact. Then deliver your message!

Try these three simple steps. You may be surprised by how cooperative your child can be! 😉

If you need more assistance on how to do this better, contact us for Parenting Consultation. We also offer Counselling Services for Children and Youths and Adults.

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