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Children & Youth Counselling

Becoming Confident, Resilient and Compassionate People of Tomorrow

  • 1 h
  • $150-$250/session
  • ReSTART Counselling for Wellness @ Dempsey|ReSTART Counselling for Wellness @ i12|ReSTART Counselling for Wellness @ Anson

Service Description

As children and youths grow and develop towards becoming independent adults, they have many to learn - values, beliefs, social norms, embracing differences, multi-cultural diversity; dealing with expectations, disappointments, coping with emotions and so much more. Sometimes, the learning journey is not smooth-sailing. Most of the time, they find ways to self-manage. There are however times too, where they would need a little help from adults. Our team of counsellors can help to make this growing-up journey easier and clearer for them. At sessions with us, we help them gain better clarity of: - Who they are - What they like - What they want - What their strengths (and weaknesses) are - Recognise and learn ways to deal with emotions, thoughts and behaviour - How to embrace differences, and build meaningful relationships with people and much more... More importantly, to embrace their unique traits and become confident, comfortable in just being themselves.

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