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Cyber Wellness & Intervention

Learn how to help your children manage screen time and cyber safety.

  • 1 hour
  • $150-$250/session
  • ReSTART Counselling for Wellness @ Dempsey|ReSTART Counselling for Wellness @ i12|ReSTART Counselling for Wellness @ Anson

Service Description

Feeling troubled and frustrated that your child is spending too much time on gaming, watching TV, on the phone? Wondering how to peel them away from their devices? We can help you. Learn strategies to help your child learn self-control over time, and reduce reliance on devices. Explore alternatives to keep your child entertained and spend less time on devices.

Contact Details

  • +65 9631 7316

  • +65 9631 7316

  • +65 9631 7316

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