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Enhancing Behaviour in Children & Teens

Specific Focus on Enhancing Behaviour in Children & Teens

  • 1 hour
  • $150-$250/session
  • ReSTART Counselling for Wellness @ Dempsey|ReSTART Counselling for Wellness @ i12|ReSTART Counselling for Wellness @ Anson

Service Description

Having challenges in getting your child to listen and follow instructions, stick to routines? Or is your child having problems interacting and communicating with peers, family, and people around him, keeping too much too himself; or unable to self-regulate emotions? It's ok. All children and teens will go through these at some phases of their lives, because they have yet to learn the skills to help them cope and manage. This intervention will help your child develop better understanding of himself, and awareness of how he can function effectively and confidently in the world around him. More importantly, equip him with the necessary strategies to help him improve communication and interactions with people around him, self-regulate his emotions and problem-solve; becoming happier, motivated and more independent.

Contact Details

  • +65 9631 7316

  • +65 9631 7316

  • +65 9631 7316

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